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Statements 2019



The Foreign Press Association is deeply concerned by a wanton act of violence by a border police officer against an accredited and clearly identified reporter covering a protest in Wadi al Hummus on Friday, August 2. 61-year-old AP cameraman Eyad Moghrabi was viciously kicked in the shin by a border policeman while covering a protest by Palestinians in Wadi al Hummus in the West Bank on Friday, August 2.Moghrabi was clearly identified as a press photographer by the PRESS sign on the front and back of his jacket. He had been detained for close to an hour before the protest while the border police verified his credentials. Moghrabi was kicked while he was filming by the same officer who had earlier detained him. Moghrabi’s leg was bandaged at the hospital.   

August 4, 2019

The Foreign Press Association is working to ensure the free passage of foreign media in and out of Gaza via the Erez Crossing as guaranteed by Israel's Supreme Court in 2009.


The FPA is alarmed by the ongoing delays which appear to be a  direct violation of the landmark Supreme Court ruling of January 25, 2009 ruling in which the government undertook to allow the passage of foreign journalists through Erez at all times unless the crossing is completely closed for security reasons.


The Erez crossing is currently open for the passage of humanitarian officials and was opened yesterday for exiting journalists.


The FPA demands the immediate opening of the Erez crossing for the passage of accredited foreign journalists in both directions. The FPA calls on the Israeli authorities to halt this violation of the 2009 Supreme Court ruling.

27 March 2019